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H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB Full-year report Full-year (1 December 2017 - 30 November 2018) • The H&M group's net sales, increased by 5 percent to SEK 210,400 m (200,004) in the financial year. In local currencies, net sales increased by 3 percent. The ongoing transition work contribute Our annual reports can be found and downloaded here. Annual Report 2019. Annual Report 2018. Annual Report 2017. Annual Report 2016. Annual Report 2015. Annual Report 2014. Annual Report 2013. Annual Report 2012 Signing of the annual report 81 Auditor's report 83 Calendar and contact details 86 H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB's annual accounts and consolidated accounts for the financial year 2018/2019 comprise pages 39-81. H&M Spring Fashion 2020. Dresses are in focus in H&M's new spring collection 2018 IMPACT ON EDUCATION 237,000 children, teachers, parents, government officials, and other influencers were reached by initiatives funded by the H&M Foundation, bringing quality education and.. Nor does H&M own any of its stores. Instead H&M rents store space from international and local landlords. Growth target: H&M's growth target is to increase the number of stores by 10 - 15 percent per year, while increasing sales in comparable units. The growth, which will be financed entirely with the company's own funds, will proceed with an emphasis on quality and continued high profitability

England and Wales. HM Chief Inspector of Prisons' Annual Report for 2018-19. Annual Report 2018-19 (2 MB PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS AND OVERVIEW During the period, the Company has recorded a total revenue of Rs. 48,28,02,322 and total expendi- ture of Rs. 2,13,38,09,812. Total loss during the year is Rs.1,65,10,07,490

2018. Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 5.34 MB. Proxy Statement PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 2.51 MB. 2017. Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 5.18 MB. Proxy Statement PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 3.94 MB. 2016. Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 2.46 MB. Proxy Statement PDF Format. Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF) ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Digest. Annual Report 2018(Digest Version) is a compact version of the annual report and was created for those who wish to view a printed copy of the report. ANNUAL REPORT 2018 HM Land Registry annual reports and accounts. Current and past HM Land Registry annual reports and accounts of activity and services. This collection is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg)

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2)Proposal to the Annual General Meeting for 2018 based on an expected volume of 51.5 million dividend-entitled shares. Prior year: Resolution by the Annual General Meeting for the financial year. Selected consolidated financial information and key figure Annual reports can be downloaded in PDF format. Online annual report: In an effort to improve sustainability, printed versions of our reports are no longer available. Risk H&M will transition to 100% sustainable cotton by 2020, according to the company's 2018 annual report. The retailer reached roughly 95% sustainable supply in 2018. The commitment to sustainable cotton is part of a larger plan to convert to 100% recycled or sustainable materials across the company's supply chain by 2030

2018. Annual Report 2018 English, PDF, 28.41MB; Annual Accounts, management report and audit report of Inditex Group English, PDF, 2.6MB; Annual Accounts, Management Report and Auditors Report of Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (Inditex, S.A.) English, PDF, 0.95MB; Statement of responsibility English, PDF, 0.01M

In our annual reports you will not only find our key figures, but also editorial stories about our Group. Otto Group Annual Report 2018/19 - Image Part. Download (5,58 MB) Otto Group Annual Report 2017/18 - all. Download (8,08 MB) Otto Group Annual Report 2017/18 - Image Part. Download (7,45 MB) Otto Group Annual Report 2016/17 - all. Download (8,24 MB) Otto Group Annual Report 2016/17. HMRC Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18 (Print) Ref: ISBN 978-1-5286-0417-8, HC 1222 2018-19 PDF, 7.14MB, 285 pages. Order a cop

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) can look back on a very successful financial year 2018. The already strong results of the previous year were exceeded, with increases in revenue and earnings across the Group. We were true to our word and achieved the ambitious targets we set ourselves. Angela Titzrath Chairwoman of the Executive Boar 2018 erhöhte Guidance von mindestens EUR 88 Mio. übertroffen. Der Umsatz wuchs zum Vorjahr um 12%, das operative Ergebnis (EBITDA) stieg deutlich schneller - um rund 33% - auf EUR 90,5 Mio To our shareholders // Supervisory Board report 7 Attendance at meetings in fiscal 20181 by Supervisory Board member Supervisory Board Executive Committee Audit Committee Personnel Affairs Committee Strategy Committee Takeover Committee Dr. Erhard Schipporeit, Chairman 10/10 1/1 7/7 1/1 11/11 Frank Bsirske,2 Deputy Chairman 6/10 1/1 5/7 1/ ICC IMB Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships - 2018 Annual Report 9 TABLE 2: ACTUAL and ATTEMPTED attacks by location, January - December 2018 ACTUAL ATTACKS ATTEMPTED ATTACKS Location Boarded Hijacked Fired Upon Attempted S E ASIA Indonesia 29 7 Malaysia 8 1 2 Philippines 6 1 3 Singapore Straits Group Annual Report 2018 Group Annual Report 2017. Past annual reports. 2009-2016 . Group Annual Report 2016. Group Annual Report 2015. Group Annual Report 2014. Please note that reports before 2014 only focus on financial conditions. Group Annual Report 2013. Group Annual Report 2012. Group Annual Report 2011 . Group Annual Report 2010. Group Annual Report 2009. CSR reports. Below you can.

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  1. meetings of the Supervisory Board and its committees in financial year 2018 was about 95%. An individual presentation can be viewed in the corporate governance report under Individualized disclosure of meeting participation in this Annual Report
  2. Independent auditor's report 57. Contents. 2 Annual Report 2017/2018 TEACHERS HEALTH 3. in September last year and welcome Susan . Roberts who has joined the Teachers Health Board as her replacement. The Board and I also thank Teachers Health's management team and staff for their work and ongoing dedication to supporting our members and providing a high quality member experience. With our.
  3. Annual Report 2018 To our Shareholders Combined Management Report Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Additional Information Letter to Shareholders LETTER TO SHAREHOLDERS Dear Shareholders, Dear Readers, HUGO BOSS looks back on a successful 2018. We increased our pa ce of growth as planned and achieved our annual targets. Overall, sales grew by four percent on a c urrency-adjusted basis to EUR 2.8 billion
  4. ANNUAL REPORT 2018. PREMIER PRIVATE RESORTS Registered Office 1 Crompton Street Pinetown 3610 Managing Agent Club Leisure Management (Pty) Ltd 1 Crompton Street Pinetown 3610 Bankers ABSA Corporate & Merchant Bank 4 Frosterley Crescent Frosterley Park La Lucia Ridge Office Estate 4019 Auditors Moore Stephens CJL 5th Floor, The Spinnaker Albert Terrace Durban 4001 Trustees S J Lamont A N Ridl C.
  5. UPM.com | UPM.CO
  6. 2018. Annual Report 2018 (PDF, 6 MB) Sustainability Report for the Financial Year 2018 (PDF, 7 MB) Report Supervisory Board review non-financial group report 2018 (PDF, 130 KB) Annual 2018 (PDF, 4 MB) Q3 - Interim Report 2018 (PDF, 606 KB) Q2 - Interim Report 2018 (PDF, 675 KB) Q1 - Interim Report 2018 (PDF, 593 KB) 2017. Annual Report 2017.
  7. The annual report of HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, drawing on 78 individual inspection reports of prisons, young offender institutions, secure training centres, immigration detention, police and.

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Annual financial report 2018. PDF. 20 | 11 | 2018 Q3 statement / Q3 financial report 2018. PDF. 23 | 08 | 2018 Half-yearly financial report 2018. PDF. 23 | 05 | 2018 Q1 statement / Q1 financial report 2018. PDF. 22 | 03 | 2018 Annual financial report 2017. ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Digest. Annual Report 2018 (Digest Version) is a compact version of the annual report and was created for those who wish to view a printed copy of the report. ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Digest (PDF) ANNUAL REPORT 2018 TOP. THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY. Message from the CEO. Shiseido's Growth Strategy VISION 2020. Business Strategy. Strategy by Region. Japan Business. China Business. Annual Reports . Annual Report 2020 (pdf, 8.46 Mb) Annual Report 2019 (pdf, 17.71 Mb) Annual Report 2018 (pdf, 23.34 Mb) Annual Report 2017 (pdf, 23.55 Mb) Annual Report 2016 (pdf, 19.14 Mb) Annual Report 2015 (pdf, 9.27 Mb) Annual Report 2014 (pdf, 24.03 Mb) Annual Report 2013 (pdf, 25.94 Mb) Annual Report 2012 (pdf, 5.76 Mb) Annual Report 2011 (pdf, 3.64 Mb) Annual Report 2010 (pdf, 10.35 Mb. Annual Report 2010. Annual Report 2010 - Key Figures. Annual Report 2010 - Consolidated Statements of Income. Annual Report 2010 - Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income. Annual Report 2010 - Consolidated Statement of Financial Position. Annual Report 2010 - Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow 8 Intrepid Group Annual Report 2018 Intrepid Group Annual Report 2018 9 In almost every way, 2018 has been our best year ever. It was our third consecutive year of record growth in revenue, profit, and the number of customers travelling with our brands. This level of growth puts us in a healthy financial position enabling further investment into our macro strategy of Growing with Purpose. In.

2018 Annual Report. Foto di copertina: Progetto Santiago Calatrava_Comune di Reggio Emilia_Foto Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert. This document has been translated into English for the convenience of the readers.\rIn the event of discrepancy, the Italian language version prevails. Annual Financial Report as at December 31, 2018 Letter to the Shareholders I. Dear Shareholders, During 2018, Italy's GDP. All publications (such as SAP SE's Annual Report, SAP Integrated Report, SAP Annual Report on Form 20-F, Half-Year Report, SAP 2018 Half-Year Report. Read more. SAP 2018 Q2 Quartalsmitteilung. Read more. SAP 2017 Integrated Report. Read more. SAP 2017 Integrierter Bericht. Read more. SAP 2017 Rechnungslegung (HGB) Read more. SAP 2017 Annual Report on Form 20-F. Read more. SAP 2017 Q4 and. Read the 2018 Annual Report. ENTSO-E Annual Report 2017. ENTSO-E Annual Report 2017 looks back at the achievement of the objectives set in our annual work programme for 2017 and at the main challenges we met in its completion. Focused on five main areas of activity (the implementation of the network codes; the planning of the future grid, including adequacy and innovation; the implementation. ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 03. Mick joined WDEA Works in 1989 as a disability employment consultant. He was one of three founding employees and after a short period of time Mick was appointed CEO of WDEA Works. Mick worked tirelessly within the local community growing WDEA Works from a small Warrnambool based disability employment agency, to one of the leading providers of Disability Employment.

Annual Report 2018 To our Shareholders Combined Management Report Corporate Governance Consolidated Financial Statements Additional Information Report of the Supervisory Board REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD Dear shareholders, The HUGO BOSS Group achieved its inancial goals in a challeng ing economic environment in iscal year 2018, while at the same time making further substantial progress in. More information about the Annual Report 2018. K+S expects significant increase in earnings for 2019 Video: Interview with Dr. Burkhard Lohr K+S Q4/18 facts & figures (PDF, 725kB) Group payment report 2018 (PDF, 971kB) Presentation documents for the annual press conference (PDF, 1.22MB) Presentation documents for the Conference Call for investors and analysts (PDF, 685kB) Transcript of the. ANNUAL REPORT 2018. 2 Table of Contents resenius Group in figures 4 F ey figures of the 5 K business segments argets, results and outlook7 T o our shareholders8 T 16 Report of the Supervisory Board 24 Business segments resenius Medical Care24 F resenius Kabi26 F resenius Helios28 F resenius Vamed30 F 32 esenius Fr share oup Management Report36 Gr (see detailed register on page 36) 37.

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Annual Report 2018. This Annual Report is published in German and English. In case of doubt or conflict, the German language version will prevail. Shareholders' letter. 4: Company information: 7: Supervisory Board report: 9 Supervisory Board and Board of Directors: 17 Annual review 2018: 20 Corporate Governance report and : statement on Corporate Governance 22 : The LEONI share 36: Group. Annual Report 2016. Read more. Annual Report 2015. Read more. Annual Report 2014. Read more. Annual Report 2013. Read more. Annual Report 2012 Annual report 2018. Contents. To our shareholders At a glance 2 Questions for the Executive Board 3 Executive Board 4 Supervisory Board report 6 innogy stock 12 1 Combineedwevi r of operations 17 1.1 Strategy18 1.2 Innovation 21 1.3 Energy sector environment 25 1.4 Political environment 30 1.5 Major events 35 1.6 Reporting principles 45 1.7 Business performance 48 1.8 Financial position and. Annual Report 2020 Partners. Together we shape the future of healthcare scroll down Why We Believe in Partnerships. Patients are the reason we come to work each day. They inspire us in our mission to create breakthrough therapies that change lives. Developing new medicines and treatment options for humans and animals is a top priority for Boehringer Ingelheim's employees - and has been for.

GOV.U Annual Reports. Last Updated: 2021.02.26 to Japanese page. FY2020 (ended August 31, 2020) ANNUAL REPORT 2020 (Entire Report) (18,813KB) Cover (109KB) Contents (452KB) Message From Our CEO (897KB) Sustainability (3,454KB) UNIQLO Business (12,187KB) GU Business (158KB) Our Global Brands (121KB) FY2020 Business Performance (148KB) FY2020 Financial Overview (400KB) Financial Information (414KB. This Annual Report takes the form of a financial report; it focuses on the significant and legally required information. The Outlook, chapter B.4, contains forward-looking statements which reflect the assessment of the Executive Board at this point in time with regard to future events and developments on the basis of current information, planning, assumptions and expecta-tions. These statemen

ANNUAL REPORT 2020. Two-page spread view (for viewing) (PDF file 1.97MB) Single-page view (for printing) (PDF file 2.67MB) ANNUAL REPORT 2019 (Year ended March 31, 2019) PDF file (2.52MB) ANNUAL REPORT 2018 (Year ended March 31, 2018) PDF file (2.26MB) ANNUAL REPORT 2017 (Year ended March 31, 2017) PDF file (1001KB) ANNUAL REPORT 2016 (Year ended March 31, 2016) PDF file (987KB) ANNUAL REPORT. Siemens Healthineers Annual Report 2018 Report of the Supervisory Board The rationale behind the IPO - the world's largest in the health-care sector to date - has been to open up opportunities for a focused med-tech company that can compete effectively in the growing and constantly changing healthcare market. Siemens s hineer Healt of 21st century health-Strategy 2025, which. UIL's 2018 Annual Report shows how, last year, our work contributed to fulfilling our mission to support better policy-making and strengthen the capacities of UNESCO Member States in the field of lifelong learning.UIL's vision is for all children, youth and adults to benefit from quality lifelong learning, within the framework of sustainable development and peace, and w Go to digital Annual and Sustainability Report 2020. Read more about the Annual Reporting 2020. Annual Reports. Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 (pdf) Annual Report 2019 (pdf) Annual Report 2018 (pdf) Annual Report 2017 (pdf) Annual Report 2016 (pdf) Annual Report 2015 (pdf

Even if this annual report is for 2018, it would seem inappropriate not to mention that we had a serious accident in the beginning of 2019. On 2 January at 7:35 a.m., a fast train with 131 passen-gers was hit by parts of a freight train moving in the opposite direction. Eight passengers lost their lives and 16 were injured. This is the worst accident in over 30 years, and it has naturally had. annual report #energycommitted 2018. With two thirds of the world's cities near a shoreline, the oceans contain the key to our energy future. Knowing how to harness the energy in and below the world's waters is what positions SBM Offshore as a company with an important role to play in the global energy development. From today's oil and gas to tomorrow's wind and wave, we are uniquely.

2018 Annual Report Card Pettis, H.M.1, Pace, R.M. III2, Hamilton, P.K.1 1 Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston, MA, USA 02110 2 Grizzlywhaler Consulting Services, 137 W. Pelham Road, Shutesbury, MA 10702 NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE CONSORTIUM BACKGROUND The North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) remains one of the most endangered. you will find the online version of the annual report at mlp-annual-report.com annual report 2018. Annual Reports. Annual Report. Sustainability Report. Full-Year Results. Full-Year Results Report. Full-Year Results Presentation. Restated Financials. Restated Financials Tables . Quarterly Results. Q3 Business Update Presentation. Q1 Business Update Presentation. Half-Year Results. Half-Year Results Report. Half-Year Results Presentation. Halbjahresbericht. 2017. Annual Reports. Annual. 2018. 20190308 Annual report incl. sustainability report and corporate governance report 2018 6.7 MB, PDF 20190128 Quarterly Report Q4 2018 925.9 kB, PDF 20190128 Quarterly results presentation Q4 2018 2.3 MB, PDF 20181115 Capital Markets day 2018 32.3 MB, PD

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  1. Annual Report 2018. Europa. Lindt & Sprüngli konnte in den weitgehend gesättigten, wettbewerbsintensiven Schokoladenmärkten in Europa Marktanteile dazugewinnen und wuchs gesamthaft um +5,6% auf CHF 2,08 Mrd
  3. 05/09/2018 | Annual General Meeting | Speeches by Prof. Rupert Stadler and Alexander Seitz ↓ PDF | EN | 181,3 KB 03/21/2018 | J.P. Morgan Fieldtrip | Presentation by Anton Poll and Dr. Miklos Kis
  4. Annual Reports. The aim of our financial reporting is to create transparency by providing comprehensive information. The figures and information give an overview of the Group's economic situation. Like the annual fiscal statements, the quarterly and half-year financial statements of the Biotest Group are prepared in accordance with the.
  5. Annual Reports. The ESRB Annual Report provides an overview of systemic risk analysis, policy measures to address such risks and compliance with its ESRB recommendations (the act or explain procedure). It is usually published in July as part of the ESRB's accountability obligations

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  1. Date. Title. Download. 04/14/2016. Annual Report 2015. PDF. 10/28/2015. Nine Months' Report 2015. PDF. 07/23/2015. Six Months' Report 2015. PDF. 04/29/2015. Three Months' Report 201
  2. Annual Report 2018 voith.com Make the difference Annual Report 2018. Group Division Paper Paper is a leading full-line supplier as well as pioneer in the paper industry. Through constant innovations Voith is optimizing the paper manufacturing process and facilitating resource-conserving production. Group Division Hydro Hydro is a full-line supplier and trusted partner for equipping hydropower.
  3. Annual Report 2018/19; Presentation fiscal year 2018/2019; Non-Consolidated Report 2018/2019; Non-financial Report. Non-financial report; Annual General Meeting. Speech for the Annual General Meeting FY 2018/2019; Presentation Annual General Meeting FY 2018/2019; Reports and Presentations 2017/2018. First Quarter (Q1): Interim Statement; Presentation (English only) Second Quarter (Q2): Interim.
  4. Annual Report 2020. Impact. Our actions leave a trace - our footprint. We are looking far beyond the bounds of mechanical engineering and cooperating with scientists and technology leaders to allow farmers to increase their yields with methods that are increasingly more environmentally friendly. To the web special
  5. Annual Report 2018 (PDF I 5025116) Management report and annual financial statements of Gerresheimer AG (PDF I 1330650) Interim Report 3rd Quarter 2018 (PDF I 1210459) Interim Report 2nd Quarter 2018 (PDF I 1221399) Interim Report 1st Quarter 2018 (PDF I 1162118

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zooplus AG Annual Report 2018 (pdf) zooplus AG 9M Report 2018 (pdf) zooplus AG H1 Report 2018 (pdf) zooplus AG Q1 Report 2018 (pdf Annual Report 2018 PDF (6.76 MB) Annual Report 2017 PDF (9.60 MB) Annual Report 2016 PDF (2.93 MB) Annual Report 2015 PDF (3.73 MB) Annual Report 2014 PDF (2.05 MB) Annual Report 2013 PDF (913.19 KB) Magazine 13 (to the Annual Report 2013) PDF (1.67 MB) Annual Report 2012 PDF (2.11 MB) Magazine 1 Financial News. Equity stake in H2 Green Steel: Mercedes-Benz to use green steel in vehicles in 2025 May 25, 2021. Daimler Truck sets out ambitions as an independent company May 20, 2021. Daimler raises margin targets based on strong first quarter performance Apr 23, 2021

Annual activity reports 2018. Part of collections: Annual activity reports. First published on. 25 June 2019. Every department and executive agency of the European Commission publishes an annual activity report. It details achievements, initiatives taken and the financial and human resources spent during the year 2018 GROUP ANNUAL REPORT. Share. Download PDF file. The Power of the Human Touch. ISS is a leading workplace experience and facility management company. In partnership with customers, ISS drives the engagement and well-being of people, minimises the impact on the environment, and protects and maintains property. ISS brings all of this to life through a unique combination of data, insight and. I am delighted to present the 2018 Beiersdorf Annual Report in my new position as Chairman of the Executive Board of this unique company. 2018 was a solid growth year for Beiersdorf. Despite changing conditions and a challenging market environment, we achieved our growth and profit targets in both the Consumer Skin Care and tesa businesses. In the Consumer Skin Care business, a key focus in.

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  1. May 22, 2018. Annual Report FY2018 6.4 MB. Proxy Statement. May 22, 2018. Proxy Statement 315.4 KB. Annual Report FY2017. May 26, 2017 ( FY 2017) Annual Report FY2017 5.4 MB. Annual Report FY2016. May 27, 2016 ( FY 2016) Annual Report FY2016 16.9 MB. Annual Report FY2015. May 20, 2015 ( FY 2015) Annual Report FY2015 11.5 MB. Annual Report FY2014. May 28, 2014 ( FY 2014) Annual Report FY2014 4.
  2. Selected Historical Annual Reports. 2019. 2018
  3. 2018 Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 1.72 MB. 2019 Proxy Statement PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 214 KB. 2017. 2017 Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 989 KB. 2018 Proxy Statement PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 389 KB. 2016 . 2016 Annual Report PDF Format Download (opens in new window) PDF 360 KB. 2017 Proxy.

Annual Report 2020 - Complete version Download PDF (7.17 MB) Annual Report 2020 - Financial Statements (4.02 MB) Compensation Report 2020 Download PDF (1.93 MB) Key Figures 2020 Download PDF ( 304.30 KB) If you would like to receive our ad hoc financial announcements on a regular basis, please subscribe to our Info Service. Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers St. Jakob-Strasse 25, CH-4052 Basel. PSP-2018-annual-report-en-fin-statements-not-included Date: March 31, 2018 Size: 3.9 M

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Annual reports and proxies. Annual Reports. Title. Documents. 2020 10-K. 2020 10-K 638.4 KB. 2019 10-K. 2019 10-K 732.2 KB. 2018 10-K ARAMEX ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Letter from the CEO our digitization and internal restructuring efforts. We continue to build customer trust in our brand as we endeavor to achieve service excellence - all while finishing the year off with record profitability and creating more value for our shareholders. Record financial performance In 2018, Aramex's Net Profit increased by 13% to AED 492. An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding. The details provided in the report are of use to investors to understand the company's financial position and future direction. Annual Reports. 2020 Annual Report. VIEW DOCUMENT. VIEW REPORT 2019 Annual Report. INEOS Group Holdings S.A. VIEW REPORT 2018 Annual Report. INEOS Group Holdings S.A. VIEW.

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Års- och hållbarhetsredovisning 2018 Sv. Hållbarhetsrapport inkluderad. (sidorna 28-43; 115-123) Annual Report 2017 Eng. Sustainability Report 2017 Eng. Årsredovisning 2017 Sv. Hållbarhetsrapport endast på engelska. Annual Report 2016 Eng. Årsredovisning 2016 Sv Annual reports. The annual report provides an overview of the work of the Agency together with the European medicines regulatory network.The report contains: key achievements in protecting and promoting public and animal health in the EU;; reflections by EMA staff and its partners and stakeholders on topics of major interest in medicine and health;; key figures, including core statistics that.

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Annual Report 2019 14 ufacturing sector and a more robust domestic economy. However, the downturn in industry was less steep, and in most other Member States this sector is less relevant than it is in Ger - many. Consequently, GDP growth in the euro area as a whole was muted, but again higher than in Germany: it rose 1.2% versus 2018, i Strategic Report 2020 (PDF 2MB) Strategic Report 2020 - Chinese (PDF 6.5MB) The Strategic Report is the first section of the Annual Report and Accounts. It provides an overview of how we are structured, what we do and where, our strategic plan, the principal risks we face, and high-level performance information ANNUAL REPORT 2018. Amazing Ordering: Ensuring the ordering experience is convenient, inspirational, simple and personalized Delivery Hero is passionate about taking the customersʼ orderingxperience e to the next level. Each day Delivery Hero focuses on simplifying and personalizing the prod-uct. In 2018, Delivery Hero continued to focus on key product improvements especially around.

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Annual Report 2018. Aareal Bank Group is a leading provider of smart financing, software products and digital solutions for the property sector and related industries. Aareal Bank AG, whose shares are included in Deutsche Börse's MDAX index, is the Group's parent entity. Aareal Bank Group - clients, segments, solutions. We offer our clients, most of whom are active in the property and. Annual Report 2018 PDF Financial Report 2018 PDF. Search for: Search Annual Report 2018. Letter to our shareholders. Shaping future viability. Button_weiter_pos Net revenue +20.2%. All segments and regions with double-digit percentage growth versus previous year. Operating result +28.3% . Disproportionate increase (2017 excl. divestment gain of von CHF 8.8 million) Performance Indicators. 1. Annual Report 2018. REVENUE OF €26.15B ONLINE SALES 12% 202 SALES IN markets. eco-efficient stores 5,494 7,490 stores 96 markets ACROSS €3.44B NET PROFIT OF. up +5% from 2017 SALES SPACE AREA OF 4,962,081m ². invested in process upgrades and technological innovation in the last six years ANNUAL REPORT 2018/2019 HELLA Annual Report 2018/2019 00-01_Hella-GB-2019_Cover _EN [uk].indd 1 07.08.19 09:57. FINACIAL EPOT The inexorable move towards electrification in the field of mobility is picking up speed. As the industry continues to transform, we will support our customers with a comprehensive product portfolio for all levels of electrification. In the process, we want to. Home I Stora Ens

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