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Forums Support. Account & Technical Support. Technical support for game and account issues. 37.2k posts. Input lag? By Danger Ferret.6342, 7 hours ago; Bugs: Game, Forum, Website. Please submit bug reports here. 57.4k posts. Great Fortitude trait for warrior bugged; By Danjorus.2671, 1 hour ago; News & Information. News and Announcements. Official updates from the Guild Wars 2 Team. 69 posts. Foren Support. Hilfe zum Account und technischer Support. Technischer Support bei Problemen mit dem Spiel und dem Account. 4.339 Beiträge. Crash im Path of Fire Prolog ; Von XFGTurrican.5430, 7. Juni ; Fehler: Spiel, Forum und Webseite. Übermittelt bitte hier eure Fehlerberichte. 3.036 Beiträge. Im WvW in Türme springen; Von Flammencookie.4061, Gerade eben; Übersetzung und Lokalisierung. See if Guild Wars 2 is down or it's just you. Check current status and outage map. Post yours and see other's reports and complaint

Part of the game in gw2, is to make a build better then your opponent. Its not much more complicated then that, and it's what separates gw2 from other games. If you have a problem understanding something that basic then i think it's 'you' that needs some help. Edited May 21 by JusticeRetroHunter.768 Guild Wars 2 reports from social media. @GnTGamePlays Power outage right in the middle of a 400 enemy #GuildWars vanquish. 2021-04-29 20:42:14. Show more. Loading... Page last updated by downdetector.com PvZ Garden Warfare 2. Ready to play EA games? Log in to your EA Account, brush up on the rules, and double-check your security info so you can #GetInTheEAGame. Make sure you're ready. Top Answers. Browse the most popular answers provided by the community and EA for solutions to common issues. View answers GW-Fanworld.net. Neue Beiträge Neues Thema erstellen News, Gerüchte & Veranstaltungen. News. Neuigkeiten zu Tabletop Herstellern, ihren Spielen und dem Zubehör. Themen 822 Beiträge 18,7K. Unterforen: Crowdfunding Themen 822 Beiträge 18,7K. R [Kickstarter] Hardcover Book: Miniature Terrain Making. Donnerstag um 10:57; Roio; Gerüchteküche. Gerüchte rund um Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar. Guild Wars 2 Live: Sommer 2021. von Das Guild Wars 2 Team am 27. April 2021. Seid gegrüßt, Tyrianer! Heute haben wir Kapitel 4: Urteil veröffentlicht, das abschließende Kapitel von Die Eisbrut-Saga. Als Dankeschön für eure Unterstützung in diesem Jahr und als Hilfe für eure zukünftigen Abenteuer erhalten Spieler, die jede Episode von.

Auf Guildnews bieten wir Ihnen die aktuellste News und Guides rund um das Spiel Guild Wars 2. Weiterhin betreiben wir einen Podcast und Livestreams However, after leaving GW2 a few years ago I started playing other games again (I previously only played GW2) I gained a lot of perspective. The most important being, there are no perfect games out there. Sure there are great games, but they always have something they could do better. I also realized there are really really shitty games out there. Live service games that are so P2W it feels as.

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This is a read-only snapshot of the official Guild Wars 2 forums prior to them being replaced with a newer version. All 4 language forums are available. Multiple old archived sub-forums are available, unless they were merged into others. Search works, but complete forums search (above) is very slow. Search in specific forums instead Content updates that add story, rewards & more to the world of GW2. Heart of Thorns Expansion; Path of Fire Expansion; Media. Concept Art; Screenshots; Videos; Wallpapers; Awards & Accolades; Guild Wars 2 Asset Kit; Community. News; Leaderboards; Partner Program; Affiliate Program; Services. Download Game; My Account; Hall of Monuments; New Player Guide; Support ; Shop. Buy Guild Wars 2. Das ist mir schon klar, ich hab meine Frau überredet von SWTOR zu GW2 zu wechseln. Sie wird wieder SWTOR zocken das steht schon fest. So ähnlich wie bei deiner Freundin war es bei meiner Frau auch, ohne zutun war es Emailbestätigung die nicht funktionierte. 2 Tage nicht einloggen dann ging es von allein wieder. Dann hat meine Frau die Petition storniert und sie bekam eine Umfragemail nach 2. May 25th 2021. Soon™. 1 Day 16 Hours 01 Minute 45 Seconds. Read more about the upcoming patch. www.guildwars2.com. Frequently Asked Questions. End of Dragons First Look Countdown GW2 Server Status. This shows you all the real-time Guild Wars 2 server statuses. You can easily find out whether they are online or offline by using the information down below. This utility uses HTTP requests to determine whether requests are received by GW2 servers, or not. If GW2 servers are reachable, it will show the status in green color.

WvW. List of World versus World roaming/zerg builds ranging from good to meta. Section revised on: May 17th, 2021 This site uses first- and third- party cookies to allow the website to function, improve your experience, and for our legitimate business purposes Welt gegen Welt (englisch: World vs.World, WvW) bezeichnet eine neue Form des PvP, bei welcher drei Welten gegeneinander um strategische Punkte kämpfen, um in der Rangliste aufzusteigen und Boni für die eigene Welt frei spielen.. Der Spielmodus ist dabei eine Mischung aus PvE und PvP.Die Kämpfe finden in den Nebeln statt. Die Teilnahme ist für Voll-Version-Spieler unabhängig von der Stufe.

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  1. Foren Support. Hilfe zum Account und technischer Support. Technischer Support bei Problemen mit dem Spiel und dem Account. 4.339 Beiträge. Crash im Path of Fire Prolog ; Von XFGTurrican.5430, Montag um 14:37; Fehler: Spiel, Forum und Webseite. Übermittelt bitte hier eure Fehlerberichte. 3.031 Beiträge. Caithes Aufklärungstrupp Buggy ?! Von Fire Attunement.9835, vor 3 Stunden; Übersetzung.
  2. This is a read-only snapshot of the official Guild Wars 2 forums prior to them being replaced with a newer version. All 4 language forums are available. Multiple old archived sub-forums are available, unless they were merged into others. Search works, but complete forums search (above) is very slow. Search in specific forums instead
  3. This page is a copy of recent updates published on the official forum.Any undocumented changes will be listed under Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes. You can reach this page from in-game at any time by typing /wiki gu, /wiki GU or /wiki update into the chat box
  4. The ultimate GW2 Guild Wars 2 trading post resource. Search historical trading post prices; Find the best selling recipes; Price. Flax Fiber: 36% : Princess Wand Skin: 33% : Endless Common Clothing Tonic: 32% : Pile of Radiant Dust: 18% : Lucky Draketail: 17% : Vial of Thin Blood-25% : Mithril Reinforcing Plate-21% : Pile of Salt and Pepper-18% : Bone Shard-17% : Clam Cake -17% : Buy price.

Upcoming changes and features. This page contains information about a Guild Wars 2 element, mechanic, or feature which is still in development. The information on this page is subject to change prior to release. The following features have been mentioned by ArenaNet staff and are expected to be part of future game updates and releases Account Security. ★ How to Submit, Find, and Update your Support Ticket. ★ Securing Your Account With Authentication. Policy: Macros and Macro Use. Policy: Dual or Multi-Boxing. Guild Wars 2 Account Security. Help with SMS Authentication. See all 20 articles Event timers. These are the significant events that happen on a set timer. They include world bosses and meta events in Dry Top, the Heart of Thorns maps, the Path of Fire maps, as well as various Living World maps. You can reach this page from the game by entering /wiki et into the in-game chat box

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Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, Subject: SODAZ bought up/shut down by GW. Karol. Fixture of Dakka I have no problem with them defending their IP, what I have problem with is GW moral grand standing. Specially when polish or russian companies make models inspired by GW lore. If you could walk down the street and point your magic wand at someone's car and duplicate it, it wouldn't be theft to then take the duplicate and drive off in it. This is the same reason that IP infringement isn't theft. Exalt This Post +1. 2021/05/13 20:38:06. Subject: SODAZ bought up/shut down by GW. Sterling191 As of today GW2Minion supports the Shared Inventory slots!! Finally the option you have all been asking for, share food or (infinite) salvage tools between all your characters! And we would also like to remind everyone that GW2Minion supports movement using the mount! This means you can use your mount to run around a lot faster, and speed up. Drop-down options include None, Normal, and Maximum (Can also be accessed from chat panel options.) User Interface . In-Game Clock — Select whether to display the current time on the bottom-left corner of the minimap. The time can be your system's local time, the server's time (in UTC time), or Tyrian time. Content Guide — Select which content is tracked in the upper right corner of. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, Subject: SODAZ bought up/shut down by GW. Galas. Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Vigo. Spain. I'm the definition of a fan author that writtes a ton of stuff for Warcraft. If I was making money with any of this stuff I would absolutely.

Experience the game that has captivated millions of gamers worldwide. Guild Wars® is an online roleplaying game that rewards player skill and innovative gameplay. It's the original smash hit release from developer ArenaNet®, the beginnings of a franchise played by almost four million gamers worldwide. Learn more about Guild Wars. BUY the GAME We recommend C:\Games\GW2 or something similar. If you're still having problems, you may have hardware issues or background applications may be causing the file to become corrupt. Visit our Technical Support forums to see if you can find a solution to your particular issue, or start a thread while noting the location of your GW2 folder Guild Wars 2 is a living, breathing online world where adventure awaits around every corner. Create a free account today and join the story. Join the Journey. Sign Up Now. Passwords must be unique and between 8 and 64 characters. Suggest a password for me. Display Name must be between 3 and 27 characters (letters and spaces only Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community

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Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, Subject: SODAZ bought up/shut down by GW. ClockworkZion. Blessed Living Saint On the Internet The creator of Astartes still has a Patreon, though no one is sure if he's going to use it for non-GW stuff. 2021/05/18 16:11:40 Subject: SODAZ bought. The World Is Yours. Guild Wars 2 is an online role-playing game with fast-paced action combat, a rich and detailed universe of stories, awe-inspiring landscapes to explore, two challenging player vs. player modes—and no subscription fees! What is Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2. February 19 at 10:00 AM ·. It's time to crown the fastest roller beetle racer in the world! The Beetle Champions League is bringing together racers—and beetles—from North America and Europe to compete in the first World Cup. You could win rare and valuable prizes, and your beetle will be so proud of you GW Exploits, Hacks, Bots, Tools & Macros. Get or release your GW Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits here. [no questions] Here you will find a list of discussions in the GW Exploits, Hacks, Bots, Tools & Macros forum at the Guild Wars category. Page 1 of 33 [no questions] Here you will find a list of discussions in the GW2 Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits forum at the Guild Wars 2 category. Page 1 of 10: 1: 2: 3 > Last » Threads in Forum: GW2 Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits: Forum Tools: Search this Forum : Rating Thread / Thread Starter: Last Post: Replies: Views: GW2Minion Bot - Leveling, Farming, Questing, Gathering, PVP, Assist and more! (1 2 3. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, Subject: SODAZ bought up/shut down by GW. Apple fox. Longtime Dakkanaut RaptorusRex wrote: Voss wrote: RaptorusRex wrote: I hope all the copyright crusaders are proud of their warring for the faith in the name of Disney, GW, and the family of.

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Forum - Help - Embed - Overlay. GPS Follow Off Character Zone Display Character Pin. Zone. ≫ 00:00 ≫ . ≫ . 12 3 6 9 1 5 7 11 2 4 8 10. 00:00 16:00. Directory. Events. Map. Help. Options. English; Deutsch; Español; Français; Čeština; Italiano; Polski; Português; Русский ; 繁體中文; 简体中文; Help Translate; Scheduled Bosses Special Bosses. Dry Top Legacy Bosses Orr. The Guild Wars 2 API (application programming interface) is an interface that enables third-party applications to access data directly from the Guild Wars 2 servers.The current version of the API is version 2.For recent changes of the API, see the API changelog.. To discuss the Guild Wars 2 API, or in case of problems or required help, visit the official API development forums, the official. Wenn ihr Guild Wars 2 nun ausführt, sollte sich in eurem GW2-Ordner automatisch ein Ordner mit dem Namen addons erstellen. Dann habt ihr alles richtig gemacht. Ihr könnt euch zudem die d3d9.dll.md5sum in den Ordner packen. Die Datei prüft für euch, ob die d3d9.dll wie geplant funktioniert. Weitere Informationen zur Installation, zu Funktionen und möglichen Fehlern findet ihr auf der.

Always current crafting guides for Guild Wars 2. All guides are recalculated based on current TP prices every hour assuming the computer running the script is on and gw2spidy is reachable. These guides were originally created for friends, but based on the popularity of these within the Guild Wars 2 community, I continued to improve them to what. Metabattle is recruiting! We are looking for an experienced MediaWiki developer.Feel free to get in touch with Galaxian#1640 on Discord if you are that person or know someone who is. This is a paid position Das kompetitive PvP von Guild Wars 2 ist für neue Spieler leicht zu erlernen und bietet auch erfahrenen PvP-Spielern Herausforderungen. Egal, ob ihr im organisierten PvP kurze heftige Matches zwischen kleinen Spielergruppen austragt oder mit Hunderten Spielern an Schlachten im Welt gegen Welt teilnehmt - im PvP erwartet euch die ultimative Herausforderung Next, find your Gw2.tmp file—typically found in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Guild Wars 2 folder—and delete it as well. After both files have been deleted, launch Guild Wars 2, download any updates, and log in again to see if the problem persists. If you are still encountering the error, please submit a technical support help request. Code. Download and Play Guild Wars! Join the millions of players worldwide who have become enraptured by Guild Wars, the award-winning online roleplaying game with no subscription fee required.. New Guild Wars Players. In order to play Guild Wars, you will first need to purchase one of the following products from the Guild Wars store to receive an Access Key..

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for en de es fr. Games are art. We bring art to life. We're ArenaNet. We make the games we want to play a reality, and infuse them with innovation, hand-crafted detail, and creative passion. See Our Passion. Our Games. Explore our worlds. Learn More Because GW2 PvP is so accessible there is no excuse to not try out multiple classes. Personally I play all classes, but when I first started I focused on playing Thief as my main and Guardian and Necromancer as my two alts. If I were to say which class is the best, it would have to be Guardian. It's simple to play, supportive for its team; and one of the class mechanics, symbols, is very.

Development Blog for GW2 TacO - the Guild Wars 2 Tactical Overlay. Monday, 26 April 2021. GW2 TacO is Going Open Source . Hi. There comes a time when one must admit that things have changed. It's been quite a while since I logged in to GW2 for anything more than the daily rewards, and that has also become a sporadic thing. I haven't even played the last living world episode yet. I'm. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for . Search instead for Do you mean Search All Of Answers HQ. New topic. Answer HQ English: Games: Plants vs. Zombies: PvZ: Battle for Neighborville; Battle for Neighborville Get started with Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ See what you get with the.

Forum. Sonstiges. Vorschläge. Archiv [Umgsetzt]GW Cooldown anpassen. Nino; 24. April 2021; Geschlossen Nino. Schüler. Reaktionen 77 Beiträge 120 Spielername Nino. 24. April 2021 #1; cooldown wech 25. dafür dagegen Das Ergebnis ist nur für Teilnehmer sichtbar. hallo, ich schlage vor dass eine gang keinen cooldown hat, sondern die gebiete. wenn man ein gebiet attackt und gewinnt, sollte man. [General Discussion] RIP GW LETS GO PLAY CSGO. Agressif 2021-05-11 21:57 1/116 Agressif:2021-05-11 21:57 [General Discussion] New Server. Returnee2021 2021-05-08 20:12 1/150 AlexanderS:2021-05-10 10:50 About SERVER MERGE Crater,Pyxis,Lepus,Auriga to Fornax..

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MMO Insider Forums - anything about Hacks, Bots, Cheats, Guides and more Nutzerberichte zeigen keine aktuellen Probleme bei EA. EA (Electronic Arts) ist ein Publisher und Entwickler von Computer- und Videospielen. EA ist vor allem für seine Sportspiele bekannt wie Fifa und Madden, publiziert aber auch zahlreiche andere Titel wie Battlefield und The Sims. Letzte Störung: 17. Mai 2021 00:00 Ich habe ein Problem mit: EA Forum Statistics: Threads: 13,489; Posts: 79,367; Last Post: Extend Summerfest. by . Zornar. 05-24-2021, 07:23 AM. Threads in This Forum. Title / Thread Starter Replies / Views Last Post By. Sticky: Introducing the new Heroes of Telara RIFT Community Discord! Started by.

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Create a free community website and forums. Customize everything with our website builder. Perfect for Minecraft Servers, Guilds, and Clans Realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. Having issues? We help you find out what is wrong Glücklicherweise bedeutet dieser Publisher-Wechsel keinen vollständigen Shut-Down unserer FlyFF Versionen. Nach der Serverwartung vom 21.08.2020 begann die Account-Transfer-Phase. Ihr habt nun bis zum 22.09.2020, 8:59 Uhr (deutscher Zeit) Zeit, euren WEBZEN Account mit einem Account des neuen Publishers zu migrieren

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Vodafone Community - Schau rein und tausch Dich mit anderen Kunden aus. Dazu gibt's spannende Infos, Videos und News Diskutiert Probleme, welche die Installation, Patches, Stabilität oder die Verbindung von Overwatch betreffen If you have a question, comment or suggestion about the main site or the forums, this is where to ask. Threads 6,547 Messages 27,958. Threads 6,547 Messages 27,958. Verified badge. Yesterday at 10:39 PM; iAccomplish; The Watering Hole. Come chat with friends and show us who you are. This forum is open to most any subject. Threads 1,093 Messages 9,187. Sub-forums: Rants, Raves and Screaming. Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. You can unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 13 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe Forum. Index. Application 4557 topics . Category. Last Post : Releases 30 topics. Discuss features or the changelog of the latest ReShade version. 4.9 by jaNoska 3 days 8 hours ago. Discussion 982 topics. General discussion about ReShade, post-processing and everything not fitting elsewhere. How to achieve this effect? by Arsonistic 1 day 17 hours ago. Troubleshooting 3276 topics. Support for.

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Questions and Support forum for issues having to do with the Arch Linux Guided Installer ( Moderated by 2ManyDogs, HalosGhost, R00KIE, Slithery, V1del, WorMzy, Xyne) Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you

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Sieh nach, ob bei Xbox Live, im PlayStation™Network oder bei Nintendo Probleme bestehen. Deine Probleme könnten an einem Ausfall oder einem bekannten Problem liegen. Besuche die EA-Spielercommunity im Answers HQ (AHQ) oder überprüfe die aktuellsten Tweets von @EAHelp und bleibe zu den neuesten Probleme auf dem Laufenden.. Unterschiedliche EA-Spiele laufen auf unterschiedlichen Servern Characters will have their power scaled down in areas designed for lower level players, to keep content somewhat challenging. Player versus Player . All characters are scaled up to maximum level while participating in PvP. Structured PvP in Guild Wars 2 is similar to a PvP-only character in Guild Wars, without the need for a separate character slot. Any character can participate and has PvP. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Forums. Dash Cam Brands. Nextbase. 522GW. Nextbase 522gw dashcam won't auto power on . Thread starter aldaniel; Start date Mar 20, 2020; Tags dashcam nextbase 522gw aldaniel New Member. Joined Mar 20, 2020 Messages 5 Reaction score 0 Location wn86tx Country United Kingdom Mar 20, 2020 #1. GW2 Dhuum Raid Boss Guide in Hall of Chains. Initial draft written by Rubik. [toc] General Info Enrage Timer: 10 minutes HP: 32 million (40 on CM) Class Comp Different groups run different comps for this boss. You generally need to run at least two Power DPS to deal with the Enforcer mobs that spawn [

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← GW2 WvW World XP going account bound soon → GW2 3 days of sale in the Gemstore. 32 replies on GW2 Agony infusions slot and agony resist guide teunus says: November 28, 2013 at 11:45 pm. dont know if i saw it right but if u infused before update my ring says +15 AR in total. Reply. Gron_Doom says: November 29, 2013 at 9:28 am. It should say +10 AR. Are you sure? Reply. shodannet. Polymock. Polymock is a minigame in Guild Wars Eye of the North to earn reputation with the Asura. It is described as a battle chess type strategy game or Pokemon on steroids. You play against the AI with three pieces that you select, each has a unique skill bar, the aim is to defeat your opponent by countering the pieces that it picks

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Hello GW2 Players! It's been quite sometime since you've seen a post regarding Guild Wars 2. I want to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Issy and I am the new content writer for GW2 Guides. I am a fellow player like yourself, I play daily! I've been playing for about 3 [ Golden Badge #8 (Easy) Jump down from Goldn Badge #8, that is the location of the first milestone of the jumping puzzle. From there you want to take a left immediately and jump in the hole. Inside you will find a cave with a rock that you need to jump to via swiftness. The badge is on top of the rock Hi all! So I recently got an Asus ROG G731GW with the following specs: I7-9750H, RTX 2070 Max-P, 16GB RAM (2x8) and 500GB SSD Intel 660p. I first saw the bad performance in Fortnite, where at 1080p on max settings I keep fall below 100fps. Then, recently, on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order I keep getting under 60fps on 1080p max, which from what I've seen is pretty bad Reviewing tech products/devices before you spend your money on them. To put in short I do videos with a no BS approach, honest and as informative as possible, all with a hint of humour. I've.

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GeForce NOW ist da: Also hol es dir, und dann nichts wie rein ins Vergnügen! Spiele direkt über deinen unterstützten Browser oder lade die GeForce NOW-App herunter, um ein optimales Erlebnis genießen zu können Hello GW2 Players! It's been quite sometime since you've seen a post regarding Guild Wars 2. I want to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Issy and I am the new content writer for GW2 Guides. I am a fellow player like yourself, I play daily! I've been playing for about 3 years now. In the days to come, I will be trying to bring up to date guides back on this website. In the. Armor. When you attack an enemy, or when you are attacked, the attack strikes a specific location instead of striking the entire person. Because of this, each piece of armor you wear on a different body location is used to determine how much damage you take when that specific body location is struck by an attack Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first Threads: 127063. Posts: 328196. BakedCone38. Jun 14, 2021, 6:09:07 AM. Feedback and Suggestions Feedback and Suggestions that have no other appropriate index Threads: 100445. Posts: 887333. dW2005. Jun 14, 2021, 6:24:10 AM. DROP IN FROM THE COUCH. Turn your TV into a GeForce-powered PC gaming rig with NVIDIA SHIELD, so you can game from the same couch where you stream your favourite shows and movies. With hundreds of supported titles and features like cloud saves and cross-play on laptops and desktops, you can pick up a game from wherever you left off

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Restart your ps4 and then under System go to Account Management and click Restore Licenses and click OK. Good luck! Message 3 of 36 (33,807 Views) Reply. 3. + XP. Re: Can't connect to EA servers for Plants vs Zombies GW2. #4. December 2017 Create your guild website for free today. Guildwork's hosting is extremely customizable and lightning fast Forum. GVMP | Hilfe Center. Technische-Hilfe. Gelöst. GVMP-Launcher - Download. S. Statham; 3. Dezember 2019; Geschlossen Anzeige. S. Statham. Reaktionen 72 Beiträge 225. 3. Dezember 2019 #1; Hi, nach mehrmaliger Suche bin ich leider nicht fündig geworden. Es gibt hier (GVMP Guide) zwar eine Auswahl, aber der Link funktioniert nicht! Bitte also einen funktionierenden Link veröffentlichen. Geht, wohin ihr wollt, macht, was ihr wollt, und spielt, wie ihr wollt, in The Elder Scrolls Online, dem preisgekrönten Onlinerollenspiel im Elder Scrolls-Universum. Erfahrt mehr . Werft einen Blick auf ESO s umfassende Auswahl an Updates, DLCs und Kapiteln und plant euer nächstes großes Abenteuer. Erfahrt mehr

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