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However according to Munroe himself, this is a coincidence. Also, cd has rumored to mean comic database. It has also been noted that when xkcd is typed on a Persian QWERTY keyboard, you get طنزی , which means satirical, sarcastic and comic. See also 207: What xkcd Means This leads to a big newspaper headline saying Green Jelly Beans Linked To Acne where it is said that they have 95 percent confidence with only a 5% chance of a coincidence. Unfortunately, although this number has been reported by the scientists' stats package and would be true if green jelly beans were the only ones tested, it is also seriously misleading. If you roll just one die, one time, you aren't very likely to roll a six... but if you roll it 20 times you are very likely to. The song's length leads to an odd coincidence. The interval between the start and the end of I'm Gonna Be is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, [10] Based on timing from the official Youtube video and the ISS is moving is 7.66 km/s Inflation (10^-36 to 10^-32 seconds after the Big Bang): A theory developed to explain the large-scale structure of the universe that postulates a period when the universe expanded very much faster than the speed of light. (The universe still expands faster than the speed of light, but only 2-3 times as fast It may be no coincidence that this was posted very shortly after the US/Americas study that announced that the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine was 79% effective against symptomatic Covid. Although maybe adapted to 74% to not inadvertently suggest (for some) an actual equivalence to George, etc. Yes, 74% could come from a lot of places (and it also looks intrinsically more funny, in a 42-ish way, whilst remaining credible as a faux-result to be proud of), but I think its well within the.

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This type of prescience is also known sometimes as future modeling, statistical prediction, and even wisdom to name a few. The second way to predict the future is not scientifically recognized but remains popular in culture and fiction. It can involve magic, psychic power, higher powers (gods), and other such methods *what a coincidence on NP2530 which acknowledges and explains Two Words, and ends with I also had other reasons for creating this interface. They will be more clear later in the future. One of the on NP 2530 mentions kxa's connection to Two Words. Discoverers on NP2531 discusses the map-based LARPish game Balthasar has played with his sisters and friends. the island on NP2531 further. In the end, I used the average of a bunch of runs of a stochastic hillclimbing algorithm. For mostly boring notes on my data handling for this list, see the comments at the bottom of the xkcd.com/color/rgb/ page. Spelling and Spam. Spelling was an issue for a lot of users: Now, you may notice that the correct spelling is missing. This is because I can't spell it either, and when running the analysis, used Google's suggestion feature as a spellchecker

(That's a neat coincidence I've never noticed before—a cubic mile happens to be almost exactly \( \frac{4}{3}\pi \) cubic kilometers, so a sphere with a radius of X kilometers has the same volume as a cube that's X miles on each side. At the end of the class you should be able to explain the basis for the jokes! Phdcomics/xkcd: * The difference (scientist) https://m.xkcd.com/242/. * Convincing (label axes) https://m.xkcd.com/833/. * The actual method http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=761. * Correlation https://m.xkcd.com/552/ TimeAfterTime (or Time after Time) is a collection of fan-made comics mostly taking place in the same universe as Time and published in the same format as Time, i.e. as a series of frames which appear periodically, with a mouseover text. So far there are ten TimeAfterTime stories: prickly by Latent22, 21 frames (viewer) POTM by Latent22, 8 frames + 1 bonus frame by HES (viewer) lucky by. Okay. xkcd is a Stick-Figure Comic by Randall Munroe. It is a gag-a-day comic and generally does not have a continuing plot line or continuity (though there are occasional short story arcs). Many of the jokes are based on math, physics, science, UNIX or Internet memes, as well as romance and sex

The phrase correlation does not imply causation refers to the inability to legitimately deduce a cause-and-effect relationship between two events or variables solely on the basis of an observed association or correlation between them. The idea that correlation implies causation is an example of a questionable-cause logical fallacy, in which two events occurring together are taken to have established a cause-and-effect relationship. This fallacy is also known by the Latin. It is a mathematical relationship in which two or more events or variables are associated but not causally related, due to either coincidence or the presence of a certain third, unseen facto

434 votes, 40 comments. 140k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 434. XKCD 2432: Manage Your Preferences. XKCD. Close. 434. Posted by 20 hours ago. XKCD 2432: Manage Your Preferences. The video reminds me of an xkcd comic showing the problem with using statistical significance if the studies showing no effect are unreported. In this analogy, the study showing a link between green jelly beans and acne has only a 5% probability (or less) of being a coincidence (p < 0.05). This would be convincing evidence that there is a link between green jelly beans and acne, except all the. Size threshold for treating the input and output as a file (KiB) Console logging level Silent Error Warn Info Debug Trace. Update the URL when the input or recipe changes. Highlight selected bytes in output and input (when possible) Treat output as UTF-8 if possible. Word wrap the input and output

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Coincidence is funny. I actually started writing this post a week ago, so today's XKCD was extremely appropriate.. Great comic artists (like Bill Watterson and Zach Weiner, to name some of my favorites) have the ability to poignantly capture Truth in a few pictures and words. Randall Monroe does just that, noting that as often as we convince ourselves otherwise, humans continue to. (This is not quite a coincidence.) Without the ocean there, it would have reached the bottom in about 30 seconds, striking it at airliner cruising speed. [3] Although no one has ever dropped a cruise ship from a high altitude, [citation needed] their terminal velocity at the surface is probably a little below the speed of sound. Because the air in the ocean basins would be compressed, the. I had never heard of the name xkcd but found this website with this possibly correct explanation of it's origin and non meaning that meant him, whoever he is. Actually the domain name came after the instant messenging screen name, which I picked..

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  1. xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Posted by Randall 2011-09-12 1,124 Comments on . After a rough year, it's nice to have something happy to share. We got married! Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Posted by Randall 2011-09-12 Posted in Uncategorized Post navigation. Previous Post Previous post: For the handful of hurricane geeks out there. Next Post Next post.
  2. Prev; Next; Orbital Speed. What if a spacecraft slowed down on re-entry to just a few miles per hour using rocket boosters like the Mars-sky-crane? Would it negate the need for a heat shield
  3. ute backpack) and it's been the best backpack so far. I did have a Jack Bauer-esque Rothco messenger bag.
  4. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.

xkcd . Significance testing: a picture (well, cartoon) is worth 1000 words. Submitted by kevin on Wed, 06/04/2011 - 9:35am . Statistical significance testing is a pretty tricky concept. We're. Ein Bestätigungsfehler (auch Bestätigungstendenz oder Bestätigungsverzerrung, engl.confirmation bias) ist ein Begriff der Kognitionspsychologie, der die Neigung bezeichnet, Informationen so auszuwählen, zu ermitteln und zu interpretieren, dass diese die eigenen Erwartungen erfüllen (bestätigen).Die erste Theorie zu dieser kognitiven Verzerrung stammt von Peter Wason (1960, 1968) There are around 200 useful operations in CyberChef for anyone working on anything vaguely Internet-related, whether you just want to convert a timestamp to a different format, decompress gzipped data, create a SHA3 hash, or parse an X.509 certificate to find out who issued it. It's the Cyber Swiss Army Knife. Command

Read all of the posts by Randall on xkcd. The OKCupid statistics blog, by Christian Rudder, is amazing. Sadly, it hasn't updated since 2011, around when OKCupid was bought by Match.com. (Rudder says the timing was a coincidence—he took time off for another project, and the blog may return soon! (5) Luck: the observed correlation is a coincidence. This is the point where most books remind you that correla-tion does not imply causation. Obviously. But if not to illuminate causes, what is the point of looking for correlations? Of course cor-relation does not imply causality, or else playing professional bas-ketball would make you. By strange coincidence, the first of these two posts happens to begin with a brief discussion of the eventually retracted - and more recently revived - PAGES2K paper authored by a cast of 70+ But all of the above aside my hat's off to Josh for yet another fabulous cartoon:-) 0. Don B Reply to Reality check September 21, 2016 6:47 am I copied that link from correspondence which is now. Randall Munroe, Creator of xkcd, Imagines What Times Square Will Look Like in 1 Million Years. By Randall Munroe. The following is an excerpt from Randall Munroe's new book, What If?: Serious.

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Image Source: XKCD First things first - why do we mistake correlation with causation? It's easy to think that just because two things seem related, that one must be the cause of the other. But that can be a foolish and sometimes dangerous assumption. For example, suppose you're trying to figure out what makes people less grumpy. You perform a study which finds that, when people get at least x. xkcd comic 1996 This is an archived, read-only copy of the United-TI subforum , including posts and topic from May 2003 to April 2012. If you would like to discuss any of the topics in this forum, you can visit Cemetech's General Open Topic subforum. Some of these topics may also be directly-linked to active Cemetech topics. If you are a Cemetech member with a linked United-TI account, you. Contrived Coincidence is one of the driving forces of Farce, decreed by the Rule of Funny. This is a major reason why wariness is needed in other genres; too much of it will make the story farcial. Make note that this is one of the most pervasive tropes out there. Just about any work of fiction, no matter how excruciatingly well-written, is sure to use this as much as they are allowed. For a. XKCD is a truly remarkable web comic. It has the right mixture of intellectuality and humor and is a constant delight for those of us seeking witty delights. A very cool feature of each comic is the roll-over fine text which contains sometimes additional layers of wit, and sometimes just downright interesting trivia. In a recent comic humoring many of our dependencies on Wikipedia to appear. Statistics and coincidence: When good science loses its way. Odd data pairings - such as eating cheese before bed can cause nightmares - compiled by Tyler Vigen, show correlations are a good.

It would seem that he was killed in a motorcycle accident some time last fall, which is why the t-shirt he ordered from us was returned a while back. Monday would have been his birthday, in something of an eerie coincidence with me mentioning his name on the site. My condolences to all of his friends, family, and loved ones Source: XKCD.com. The Waiter doesn't always seek out the newest gear. Often he sees the new release and, unless it has some must-have feature, he happily picks up last year's model at a reduced price. I'm reminded of a conversation I overheard at the Apple Store the other day, when a young woman was deciding between the $269 Apple Watch Series 1; or one of the other varieties.

On the Origin of Species. Apparently, November 1859 was one helluva month. It could mean that that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic. significance, almost as if it were the temporal junction point of the entire. spacetime continuum. On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence V. Complete Accident/Coincidence x y. Correlation is not Causation — §3.3 46 Simple Causality I. Simple Causality x y We say that variables x and y are related by simple causality if the level of x determines the level of y . Example 2 (pp. 171-173) deals with high blood pressure. After plotting blood pres-sure (x) with deaths from heart disease (y ), there is high correlation. A chain of. Hanlon's razor is a principle or rule of thumb that states never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Known in several other forms, it is a philosophical razor that suggests a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for human behaviour. It is likely named after Robert J. Hanlon, who submitted the statement to a joke book

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Cicada 3301 is an annual online scavenger hunt in which the participant is asked to complete a series of complex and interconnected puzzles using various clues embedded in multimedia files. Purportedly designed to recruit intelligent individuals and heavily focused on data security, cryptography, and steganography, the mysterious puzzle-solving challenge has garnered considerable. November 29, 2009 Ode to xkcd. Posted in All, The Internet, Thoughts at 9:11 pm by kayveeem. My top FiveXKCD.coms www.xkcd.com is my favourite web comic and probably one of my favourite websites (especially to waste time on.) So if you're a xkcd virgin, have a look at 5 of my favourites. Xkcd is a comic about love, science and sarcasmso you can probably tell why I like it 来自xkcd.com。 可爱的方法问一个女孩. 女孩子喜欢一点浪漫,所以当您在问女孩子的方式中加入一些创意可爱的想法时,很可能会在很长一段时间里彼此相见 The title of the achievement for 450 fractal engines is reference to xkcd comic no. 917. Mice clicking mice is a reference to Mouse Chasing Mouse, a song by Swedish alternative rock band Undergaurd. Most of the prices for Fractal Engine upgrades have to do with the number 155, which is also associated with the Catalan crisis. However, this is almost certainly a coincidence. This excludes. So the press release in the XKCD comic may have been a bit premature. Suppose I had 14 samples with a mean of 87.2 and I wanted to know if the mean is actually 85.2. I performed a One-Sample T-test using Minitab by going to Stat > Basic Statistics > 1 Sample t . And I entered the summarized data. I checked the perform hypothesis test box.

I want to use the web my way. You're not doing it right, therefore I reject you. You need to change your ways. Yes, it's your prerogative on how you want to run your website, but I propose that just like ExpertsExchange and others before you, the open web will reject your chicanery Today's XKCD seems to sum it up quite well Posted Sep 30, 2007 18:05 UTC (Sun) by Richard_J_Neill (guest, #23093) Parent article: To Sir, with Love: How To Get More Women Involved in Open Source (O'ReillyNet) Entirely by coincidence, today's XKCD comic covers this very issue The Tao of Philosophy 3 - Coincidence of Opposites #97: The Evolutionary Angel, Naval Ravikant #70 Heal Yourself with The Ice Shaman (with Wim Hof) It Starts Now BLOND:ISH. Alan Watts - Original Mix Thousand Acre Fields. Oprah and Eckhart Tolle: Acceptance of Troubled Times.

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Posts about coincidence written by Tom Spoors. 1050 Thoughts and Notes Tom Spoors - A Brit in Brussels Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Tag Archives: coincidence Cantankerous Coincidence 18 August 2013 acariâtre Agnes Moorehead coincidence Dick York Pixar Twilight Zone Up Leave a comment We Love to Craft Coincidence 12 August 2013 coincidence H P Lovecraft horror Kurds Twilight Zone. Wow, instead of artificial intelligence controlling humans via brain implants (perhaps to take over part of a damaged brain), we have real intelligence controlling robots Posted in Coincidence | Tagged Coincidence, Edward Lear, Elocution, Poetry, Roald Dahl, the Truman Show, Unreal tournament, WB Yeats | Leave a comment. Caitlin does things. Caitlin has no ambition or drive. You can read all about her hilariously inept attempts to do adult things here. Also some other stuff. Search for: Recent Posts. Attempt #2; Attempt #1; Ciderrrr; The Man isn't Serious. David Tong: Lectures on Cosmology. This is a course on cosmology, aimed at final year undergraduate students. It assumes a background in neither general relativity nor statistical mechanics. The full lecture notes come in around 170 pages

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  1. Oct 6, 2011 - Explore Jodie's board steve jobs thoughts, followed by 126 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about steve jobs, job, steve
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  3. A mathematical coincidence is said to occur when two expressions with no direct relationship show a near-equality which has no apparent theoretical explanation.. For example, there is a near-equality close to the round number 1000 between powers of 2 and powers of 10: = =. Some mathematical coincidences are used in engineering when one expression is taken as an approximation of another
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Randall Munroe is the writer, artist, and creator of xkcd, a very popular webcomic. On December 7 th, Randall talked at Google headquaters on various topics, including what he would do in case of a raptor attack in the auditorium he was speaking in. I found his talk to be really interesting, especially the pieces when he talks about how he started xkcd, and what exactly it stands for (which. Comic 882: Signifying Nothing. [I almost forgot to mention that this is a guest post by Ann Apolis, noted transvestite. -Ed.] Greetings, cuddlefish and sucksters alike. I am Ann Apolis M.D., here to cast a surgeon's eye (someday I hope to find out which surgeon) over the latest xkcd. Is strip 882 a simple case for outpatients, or is its lack. One might argue that xkcd does not take itself seriously; today's comic is a self-aware, semi-apologetic pun. However, admitting that puns aren't funny does not excuse making one and expecting your audience to forgive it, or even like it. Again, though, this is most of what Randall does, so it's hard to argue that this particular strip is worse than any other. It's just xkcd as usual. This. This is a website called XKCD SUCKS which is about the webcomic xkcd and why we think it sucks. My name is Carl and I used to write about it all the time, then I stopped because I went insane, and now other people write about it all the time. I forget their names. The posts still seem to be coming regularly, but many of the structural elements - like all the stuff in this lefthand pane - are a.

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  1. false positive (or false alarm or Type I error): no real effect, but report an effect (through good/bad luck or coincidence) If no real effect, a false positive occurs about 1 time in 20. If there is a real effect, a false positive occurs less often . false negative (or miss or Type II error): real effect, but report no effect (through good/bad luck or coincidence) The smaller the effect, the.
  2. eries of yours were shaped by coincidence or by luck? Conway: Partly luck. I would have never done anything without my colleague. He taught me a lot ofquantummechanics.WhenIwasattheuniversity in England, I took courses in quantum mechanics, including one from Dirac, the great quantum mechanic! A wonderful physicist and a shy man. I understood nothing. That was strange, but there is a famous.
  3. New submitter Nomen writes Today's xkcd: Click and Drag (Google Maps version) That was a nice coincidence:) Re: (Score: 3) by Jeng. Hey that is just uncool. He might damage a car if he plays in traffic. Re: (Score: 2) by Chris Burke. I love the way you crafted this slam without actually specifying what you consider to be modern culture, other than that you agree with the xkcd fans that.
  4. Even xkcd knows that you can not simply establish causation because of correlation. By considering how you would validate a theory of causation, you can usually develop a good sense of how credible a causal theory is. Sometimes, people try to hold on to a correlation as meaningful by asserting that even if there is no causal relationship between A and B, there must be something underlying the.
  5. I originally wrote this article in 2014 to discuss whether correlation implies causation. Not that I expect everyone to read and remember this one article, but it's frustrating when I see a conversation where people who deny science and accept science both misuse correlation and how it relates to causation

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> the xkcd comics I find funny are the ones I relate to (the same with any joke). lol good one. Wait, are you a chicken? Is the classic galline joke not funny to you because you can't relate to a bird? When you talk about finding that xkcd funny because you could relate its situation to a personal experience, I feel that was evoked from the feeling of nostalgia/coincidence; that certainly can. By a strange coincidence, the same night I first made the color survey public, Closer inspection shows that DD's value there is #ff40ff, and xkcd's is #ff00ff - which happens to be what Wikipedia lists for magenta, and is the value I would give without thinking about it. James C. said, May 5, 2010 @ 1:48 pm @Rubrick: There's more than one color, actually. One is #FFDEAD. Jerry Friedman. The correlation between the two variables may be a pure coincidence. It is known as a risk factor as well. For example, obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. We might confuse the risk factor in the sentence as a cause; however, it is means that both the factors are correlated to each other. If obesity is a risk factor of type 2 diabetes, then type 2 diabetes is a risk.

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Nuking Hurricanes. It is the (semi-)official policy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that we should not try to nuke hurricanes. (No, seriously, it is .) We were not always so unambitious. You can't just blast a hurricane apart with a hydrogen bomb. Even an H-bomb doesn't pack enough energy; a typical hurricane puts out the. XKCD teaches us that Correlation doesn't imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing 'look over there.' Newer, more sophisticated statistical methods allow the exploration of time series and spatial data. For example, this project looks at the spatial distribution of West Nile virus (WNV) - which disease clusters are. What a coincidence http://www.xkcd.com/378 Quantum Vibe. A thousand years in the future, humanity has colonized worlds in nearly 100 galaxies, thanks to Quantum Vibremonic technologies developed five centuries earlier. Other new technologies have created various off-shoots of humanity and extended life expectancies five-fold. The story begins with how a mad scientist and his plucky. So today's comic is all hella dramatic and stuff. Hopefully you enjoyed it! It raises a lot more questions than it answers, heh. You'll have plenty of time to speculate, too, because next week is Questionable Content Guest Week!That's right, starting on Monday there will be a new guest strip every day up to and including Saturday, while I take a much-deserved vacation from my regular routine

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Coincidence. Absolutely. Lisa Simpson agrees. Have a good weekend all. [via xkcd | Thanks, Steve] Article by Emre Korkmaz. 2. Math Jokes Science Jokes Math Humor Teacher Humor Data Science. And, I offer this last by no coincidence whatsoever. Don't decide about this until you've executed everything up to this point. Once you've developed the skills, infrastructure, and experience as a consultant, decide whether you want to run your own show, or whether you'd like to take those skills and experience (probably not the infrastructure) to an employer instead. I don't think.

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Because we like to combine our love for the xkcd comic with our love for coding, and we want to share the experience. By keeping an ongoing project to which people can add programs at will. By program, we mean any program. It may be any size and it may be written in any programming language. Although, as xkcd points out, it missed the mark on the blogosphere in terms of scale if nothing else. Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: If you think Ender is playing fair, it is either a coincidence or a set up. Either way, you're screwed. Twist Ending: Two of them: The later battles against the buggers were real, not simulations. The buggers weren't actually trying to kill humanity. Most coincidence are not as improbable as first thought. Imagine you were after a new wristwatch. You are feeling rich, so you think maybe I'll get an antique watch. When you find a watch you like the look of, you discover it bears the same initials on the back as your own. You would probably be inclined to think that this was truly remarkable (which it would be) and monumentally improbable. For bonus coincidence, it's the same patch of jungle where Tarzan grew up, which he was attempting to avoid and none of the others could have found if they'd tried. The first Pellucidar novel, At the Earth's Core. The main character, after coming to the inner world of Pellucidar, immediately meets a beautiful girl who happens to be a princess, an old man who happens to be a king, and soon.

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It is hardly a coincidence that those who push equity policies today tend to also seek to abolish the methods and standards by which to measure the success of such policies. This serves to conceal the fact that their approach is counterproductive and helps no one. The only way to achieve equity, after all, is by preventing the excellent from realizing their potential, thus making us all poorer. In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user So apparently Marten and Faye's dialogue in panel 1 of comic #537 was nearly identical to some dialogue from a Too Much Coffee Man comic strip from about 10 years ago. The funny thing is, I've never read any Too Much Coffee Man, so this was an extremely odd coincidence. Thanks to Shannon Wheeler (author of TMCM) for letting me know. Anyway, to.

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