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Tag Reports Individual Tags. This report shows a list of the tags in use, along with P&L, trade counts, and total volume for each. Trades which are currently open will be included here with their current realized P&L When Tradervue first introduced tags, one of the common use cases was to use tags for separating multiple trading accounts. You could tag trades on import, and identify them with the specific account they came from. This works great; however, there are two situations that offered challenges when using this approach https://www.t3live.com/blog/rod-casilli-futures-on-fire-registration-page/ to join Rod's trading roomFutures trader Rod Casilli shows you how to use TraderVu.. Sign in to Tradervue. Username or Email Password Remember me. Forgot your password? New user? Sign up here

This is a glossary page of all the tags I use in Tradervue -- a really useful online trading journal and reporting tool I've recently started to use. There are some posts here and here I have recently written regarding how the use tags within each of my journal entries, which then enable me to quickly perform some very useful analysis add a tag; delete a tag; set initial risk; share trades; unshare trades; merge trades; delete trades; This has been one of the most-requested features from Tradervue users; for example, quite a few folks wanted to more easily apply tags to a set of trades. This makes it easy! Update 10/6/2015: added ability to set initial risk for trades using the bulk editor Getting Started with Tradervue. In this video, we walk through getting started with Tradervue, importing some trades, adding note and tags, and looking at the Dashboard, Journal, and Reports. YouTube Tradervue is more than just a trading journal software. It is a combination of a social media platform for traders and a trading journal. You can use it to keep track of your trades and share your trading history with other users from all around the world. Tradervue was founded in 2011 by Greg Reinacker, former founder and CTO of NewsGator Reseting Tradervue so you can start like it was day one quick and easy. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new feature

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  1. Tradervue is worth a shot if you want a plain functionality, but also the chance to share your history with the community. And finally, if you want to avoid all limitations and build a powerful trading journal system (you can include portfolio analysis, backtesting, and other features), and have the necessary skills, then Excel will do the job for you
  2. Posted on February 2, 2016 by gregr. We've written a short sample application in Python that uses the Tradervue API to add industry tags to your trades, based on their symbol. It's only a sample - you'll need to add the list of tags you want to use - but it demonstrates how to do it in a straightforward manner
  3. Tradevue was founded by Greg Reinacker as a platform to trade stocks, forex, option, and future. It has provided a smart way to plan stock performances, journals and learn about the stocks. The traders can build their own strategies and the right ways to ensure better profits
  4. Tradervue.com is an online trading journal subscription service designed to help traders lever data and analytic tools to enhance their performance. It also integrates the power of social media with a growing and diverse interactive community of traders enabling members to share performance, trade ideas, follow and engagement within the network
  5. You can write your trade notes and comments using markdown syntax for links, images, etc. Some quick examples to get you started: link: either just type the url, like https://www.tradervue.com. Or, use this: [my link] (http://www.thelink.com) images: ! [text] (https://www.tradervue.com/assets/tvlogo1.png
  6. ate the busy work associated with keeping that journal
  7. Tradervue Review: Overview. Tradervue is a trading journal site that lets traders view and analyze trades from each trading platform they use all in one place. The platform makes it easy to import data from other locations. Multiple features allow users to run reports, study charts, and compare trades in any way they choose. The site also functions as a social media platform. Tradervue users can share trades with the online community to get feedback on potential investments

If you're exporting data from Tradervue in CSV format (see original blog post about this), we've made a couple of changes to the Trades View export that you'll want to know about. Removed columns: Date; Added columns: Open date/time; Close date/time; Side (e.g. L/S This is just lazy from TraderVue * Selection of Tags and adding items, this is really sloppy programming, you need to click way too many buttons, you cannot select previous tag names, this feels like programming something as a side project for a few hours with Bootstrap and didn't bother to do a proper user interface. It just all feels a bit rushed and shows no real user interface skills.

And of course - our top favorite - the Risk Reporting. As a beginner trader, you're likely to take unreasonable risks unless you have got the right checks and balances in place. Fortunately, TraderVue does provide you with the tools to access your risk appetite. You will only need to key-in your R amount per trade. And if you're feeling lazy, you can opt to have a standard R (risk). However, we do encourage traders to manually key-in their Rs so that they can gather meaningful. Greg at Tradervue has been very helpful in guiding me with various issues I have had. One bigger problem was separating SIM from Live trades which as Peter mentioned they have made very simple now if you use the DAS Trader platform. You can add account tags and separate your analyses of Live and SIM trades very easily This is a simple Python application that uses the Tradervue API to add industry tags to existing trades in Tradervue. Only a few symbols are mapped with industry tags, but you can easily modify the script to use any tag you need for any symbol. This script uses py-tradervue-api, a Python API wrapper developed by @nall

Tradervue ist das perfekte Tool, mit dem Du deine Trades einfach journaln und auswerten kannst. Es deckt alle US-Aktien ab, sodass es perfekt mit unserer Vorgehensweise im amerikanischen Markt harmoniert When you import your trades into Tradervue, they come in as a list of individual executions. Even something simple like buying 1000 shares might come in as buy 200, buy 400, and another buy 400. They might not even occur all at the same time - if you entered that order as a limit buy, there could be an arbitrary amount of time between the first and last execution. They also might execute on different venues images: ![text](https://www.tradervue.com/assets/tvlogo1.png) headers: use #, ##, ###, ####, or #####. For example, ### This is a header. For other options, see Markdown syntax documentation. Note that normal HTML tags are not supported in Tradervue

Use Tradervue or any other journaling tool/spreadsheet to look at the cold hard facts. TRADERVUE TAGS It was a decision filled with pros/cons, but I decided to reuse many of the tags from my prior experiences in stocks

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