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Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 1564: Every Seven Seconds. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #1564 (August 14, 2015) Next > >| Every Seven Seconds: Title text: Every few months, I think about sex every seven seconds and how weird and implausible it would be. Explanation . There is an oft-stated urban. Every Seven Seconds. (alt-text) Every few months, I think about sex every seven seconds and how weird and implausible it would be

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636 votes, 48 comments. 139k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 636. xkcd 1564: Every Seven Seconds. XKCD. Close. 636. Posted by #000000 Hat. 5 years ago. Archived. xkcd 1564: Every. xkcd: Money Char Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. This is the list of comics from 1501 to 2000 . For the first 500 comics, see List of all comics (1-500). For comics 501-1000, see List of all comics (501-1000). For comics 1001-1500, see List of all comics (1001-1500). For comics 2001 to 2473, see List of all comics. The whole list is available at List of. 1564 - Every Seven Seconds; 1565 - Back Seat; 1566 - Board Game; 1567 - Kitchen Tips; 1568 - Synonym Movies 2; 1569 - Magic Tree; 1570 - Engineer Syllogism; 1571 - Car Model Names; 1572 - xkcd Survey; 1573 - Cyberintelligence; 1574 - Trouble for Science; 1575 - Footprints; 1576 - I Could Care Less; 1577 - Advent; 1578 - Squirrelphone; 1579 - Tech Loops; 1580 - Travel Ghost; 1581 - Birthday.

Pages in category Sex The following 108 pages are in this category, out of 108 total How does the SQL injection from the Bobby Tables XKCD comic work? 1564. Why does Java have transient fields? 1827. Does Java support default parameter values? 4244. Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses? 516. Fundamental difference between Hashing and Encryption algorithms. 1818 . Why does this code using random strings print hello world? 1563. What does.

Das Zitat: Jeder ist ein Genie. Aber wenn Sie einen Fisch nach seiner Fähigkeit beurteilen Wenn Sie auf einen Baum klettern, wird er sein ganzes Leben lang glauben, dass er es ist blöd Pages in category All comics The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 2,465 total. (previous page) ( Pages in category Comics from 2015 The following 156 pages are in this category, out of 156 total Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

1564: Every Seven Seconds - explain xkc

  1. Volksstimme burg todesanzeigen. alle Regionen Burg (3009) Gardelegen (1860) Genthin (1648) Halberstadt (4636) Haldensleben (3823) Havelberg (1158) Kltze (1767) Magdeburg (6072) Oschersleben (2913) Osterburg (1564).. Aktuelle Todesanzeigen, Traueranzeigen, Danksagungen und Jahresgedächtnisse aus Vorarlberg von den VN Todesanzeigen. Ausgabe Haldensleben-Wolmirstedt, ausgabe Schnebeck, ausgabe.
  2. -Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority. -Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) Subscribe via email. Click here to subscribe by Email. Subscribe To UVM CCTS Blog via RSS . Posts Comments Handy Resources for doing CTS. Research Methods Knowledge Base. A comprehensive web-based textbook that addresses all of the topics in a.
  3. Archiv pro měsíc: Srpen 2015 1570 - Programátorský sylogismus. Originál: http://www.xkcd.com/1570/ Vysvětlení: 1570 Celý příspěvek

Last view: 1564 days This reminds me of xkcd. Must be the weird name, scientific basis and stick figures. _____ Wife make lunch - Shampoo Opera - give it a spin Spare some of your free time? <GreyMaria> I walked around the Lake so many goddamn times that my sex drive was brutally murdered Kawa rocks — byuu. Ailure: Posted on 08-06-07 07:50 PM: Link | Quote | ID: 60477: Hats Steam Board2. Title Text:Since people rarely try to cut down cell phone towers, after millions of years, as cell phone towers have gotten more treelike, trees have started growing fake cell phone tower attachments and shiny gray bark to protect themselves Randall Munroe, genialer Erfinder von xkcd.com, beantwortet die verrücktesten Fragen hochwissenschaftlich und umwerfend kreativ. Von der Anzahl an Menschen, die den täglichen Kalorienbedarf eines Tyrannosaurus decken würden bis zum Erlebnis, in einem Mondsee zu schwimmen: Illustriert mit Munroes berühmten Strichzeichnungen, bietet what if? originelle Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau. Eins mit dem Forum Beiträge: 12784 Registriert: Fr 24. Apr 2015, 18:22 Geschlecht: männlich männlic

Keiner schreibt schneller Beiträge: 3913 Registriert: Mi 30. Nov 2011, 14:48 Geschlecht: weiblic Beiträge: 1564 Registriert: Mi 13. Nov 2019, 11:23 Geschlecht: männlich AB Status: Softcore AB Ich bin: nur an Frauen interessiert. Re: Wie löst man das AB-Problem . Beitrag von Menelaos » Mo 1. Mär 2021, 21:00. Neugierig hat geschrieben: ↑ Mo 1. Mär 2021, 20:22. Phil123 hat geschrieben: ↑ So 28. Feb 2021, 20:44 Ich wollte wissen, wie man am besten den AB-Status los wird, also. 21.06.2013 - Sebastian Münster, Map of Carniola, Cosmographia Universalis, 155 Nichts auf der Welt ist so gerecht verteilt wie der Verstand. Denn jedermann ist überzeugt, daß er genug davon habe. (Descartes) Man will immer, was man nicht hat, und wenn man's hat, ist's langweilig (Rainald Grebe, Krümel Shakespeare (1564-1616) entwirft in seiner poetischen Komödie Ein Sommernachtstraum eine chaotische Zauberwelt, in der sich die Gefühle überschlagen. Ein Klassiker der Moderne erstmals bei dtv - in einer brillanten Neuübersetzung Die Geschichte von Jay Gatsby, einem einsamen reichen Geschäftsmann, der seiner längst verlorenen Liebe nachjagt, wurde zu einem der größten.

xkcd 1564: Every Seven Seconds : xkc

  1. Einsamer Igel hat geschrieben: ↑ Mi 17. Feb 2021, 20:01 Neulich las ich, wie man seiner Gesundheit was Gutes tun kann, indem man sich einfach mehr bewegt. Einfach mal das Auto und den Aufzug links liegen lassen und zu Fuß gehen. Das werde ich nächstes Mal dem Arzt erzählen (und verschweigen, dass ich weder Auto noch Aufzug habe)
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  3. Xkcd certificate. Braunes China Steckbrief. Ablesedienst. Dermatome Fuß. Hauptgeschäftsstelle Kreuzworträtsel. Bananen als Dünger für Tomaten. Moritz Angelsport Filialen. Brillen Outlet Bodenheim. Ferien auf dem Bauernhof Bayern mit Reiten. Todesanzeigen Emder Zeitung. CMP Strickfleecejacke Damen grau. Coaching auf Deutsch.
  4. 206 votes, 52 comments. 158k members in the MensLib community. The men's issues discussion has been sorely held back by counterproductive tribalism
  5. 291k members in the MensRights community. At the most basic level, men's rights are the legal rights that are granted to men. However, any issue

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Randall Munroe (2007) - xkcd. Seems like as good as time as ever for an XKCD break. I like to show this one because it reflects how I felt as I first explored the Python ecosystem. Particularly the import antigravity bit; There is a staggering amount of external libraries available, and Python has become the lingua franca of scientific computing; Writing and sharing analysis code in Python. last; nums; imgs; RSS; lj; xkcd; CC-by-nc. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14 15; 16 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 2 You will likely have to start creating custom field controls to make this work. However, once you start down the path of customisation, you have a few options to think about

48. Christoph Bier 's typokurz is beautiful and useful; it's a 15-page guide to (German) (micro)typography in a nutshell. While it's just an article lengthwise ( scrartcl, to be precise), it masterfully modifies many features frequently discussed on Tex.SX: section-titles, tables, footnotes, marginnotes, header. 10 posts published by mccombju during August 201 Deep Learning of Comic Strips of XKCD to extract text - johncava/deep_xkc

Xkcd to be wanted. Sauna bad oldesloe. Handgemalte bilder hochformat. 3 wege ventil 1 1/4 zoll. Jobcenter kürzt miete. Playerunknown's battlegrounds pc download. Axel schulz mutter. Ohrwürmer bei stress. Fussballer raucher. Dinzler ag aktie. Bgh entscheidungen heute. Wikinger helm leder. Vfl wolfsburg news. Dualseele richtig loslassen The latest Tweets from amit man (@amittakes): I AM LIVE ZCasting about 'הייטק בפקקים - עם הגר שגיא ויזהר שי' with host @Izhars7 and 5 more. Predicting XKCD comic topic from the comic description - lemay-ai/xkcd redditlist helps you find the best parts of reddit.com by bringing you daily rankings and statistics for the most popular subreddits

3d-printer london sand desert cnc arduino blackandwhite corn data_visualization electronics food inventions iphone wood alarmclock kickstarter Magnetic Resonance Imaging moritz_stefaner racing very-many via_magnetspeicher videogame visualization MalwareBazaar. MalwareBazaar is a project from abuse.ch with the goal of sharing malware samples with the infosec community, AV vendors and threat intelligence providers.. This analyzer allows analysts to query the API of this service on observables of types ip, domain, fqdn, url, and hash.. TheHive displays the analyzer results as follows

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X Y Z 3435 19658 2764 3161 17204 9466 18424 17467 16955 13600 19721 2669 1564 10099 10091 21598 19018 21205 21283 11341 18399 1171 2723 20833 51 15729 15865 9331 5851 9106 310 3513 9121 5651 11928 15468 8594 2295 6852 22725 22636 11114 I need to make this into a mesh as I can in trimesh, but with RGL and I need to colour the faces of the mesh based on a scale of uni, where <0.5 is red, 0/5-1/5. 1564. 4y. Worst experience with cs profs? Oh boy.... Databases lab: You'll need to work of this snippet, if your IDE tells you it's deprecated you don't need to care about it If you want to imagine the quality of the code base we were expected to work upon just think about that attached xkcd comic, basically an undecipherable black box. The instructions where at the same time micro managing.

xkcd: Money Char

1564 - Mit dem Tod Ferdinands I. übernimmt dessen bereits Ende 1562 zum Nachfolger gewählter Sohn Maximilian die Herrschaft im Heiligen Römischen Reich. Darf ich nochmal um Starthilfe bitten? GEEZER nil nisi bene 08:04, 25. Jul. 2014 (CEST) gewählte --Eike 08:14, 25. Jul. 2014 (CEST) gewählter, denn es ist Attribut von Nachfolger (nö, doch nicht) Yotwen 08:16, 25. Jul. 2014. The latest Tweets from Ask Greve Jørgensen (@askgreve). PhD fellow at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Exploring liveability values with the Technical and Environmental Administration in the City of Copenhagen. København, Danmar Antw:eBus Schaltung in Betrieb nehmen. wurde das CSV selektiert, erscheint ein neues Dropdownlistenfeld aus dem nun aus allen Definitionen der CSV ausgewählt werden kann. Wir wählen Date~Datum und speichern das Attribut. nachdem nun das Attribut gespeichert wurde, erscheint es unter Attributes Italian mathematician, astronomer, physicist and inventor Galileo Galilei lived from 1564 to 1642. Galileo discovered the isochronism of the pendulum aka the law of the pendulum. Galileo demonstrated at the Tower of Pisa that falling bodies of different weights descend at the same rate. He invented the first refracting telescope, and used that telescope to discover and document Jupiter's.

If it's all good to eat and recently harvested, they go for about £50 apparently, for the same rarity reasons as truffles. As for taste, they're like a really good mushroom with a light foamy consistency that avoids the slug-like texture of some mushrooms. Absolutely delicious sliced then fried in breadcrumbs The latest Tweets from Ben Cunis (@bcunis). Actor. Writer. Director. Imagineer. Washington, D Explore the Stuff4Killin' collection - the favourite images chosen by TheElevatedDeviant on DeviantArt

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  1. The latest Tweets from Chuck Duer (@chuckduer): Friday's Best Deals: 4K Monitor, 3D Printers, Waterproof Speaker, and More https://t.co/t1Or0HW3fw #culture #feedl
  2. Shakespeare (1564-1616) entwirft in seiner poetischen Komödie Ein Sommernachtstraum eine chaotische Zauberwelt, in der sich die Gefühle überschlagen. Ein Klassiker der Moderne erstmals bei dtv - in einer brillanten Neuübersetzung Die Geschichte von Jay Gatsby, einem einsamen reichen Geschäftsmann, der seiner längst verlorenen Liebe nachjagt, wurde zu einem der größten.
  3. 31.7k. 31.7k. 31.7k. A sloth's claws work the opposite way that human hand does. The default position is a tight strong grip, and sloths must exert effort to open them up. This is why sloths don't fall out of trees when they're asleep. Verified ( i.redd.it) submitted 22 hours ago by sxehoneybadger to r/Awwducational
Cyberdoc in Numberland :: 피해야 할 통계의 덫 #4: 데이터가 상관성만 보여줄 때

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Xkcd font (direct download link to OTF) (xkcd.com) 4 points by jozydapozy on Apr 1, 2015 | hide | past Foidite 1519.600000 No Data 969.810345 Phono-tephrite / Tephri-phonolite 1390.333333 Phonolite 2784.222222 Rhyolite 1564.363636 Trachyandesite / Basaltic Trachyandesite 1820.700000 Trachybasalt. xkcd 1506: xkcloud (I made this one myself) : xkcd . News about cyber security, information. Some browsers limit access to not allow HTTP_REFERER to be passed. Type a address in the address bar will not pass the HTTP_REFERER. open a new browser window will not pass the HTTP_REFERER, because HTTP_REFERER = NULL. has some browser addon that blocks it for privacy reasons. Some firewalls and AVs do to Aus Klängen zusammengesetzte Wörter. Man kann manche Wörter bilden, indem man sie aus den Klängen anderer Wörter zusammensetzt. Hier ein paar Beispiele: Dass der zusammengesetzte Klang nicht exakt dem Klang des neuen Worts entspricht oder dass die Rechtschreibung des neuen Worts nicht genau stimmt, ist hier nicht weiter wichtig The only thing or things for that matter I can say for sure is that if one futanari impregnates another futanari then it's not a clone. If it's a regular guy impregnating a futanari then it's not a clone either. There's probably a 5% chance of it being considered a clone due to the fact the futanari parent has both reproductive organs

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http://www.xkcd.com/1357 Alt text: I'm always sick of someone crying free speech for the stupidest things, so I'm pretty sure this comic will get a lot.. Interesting that this nature article was published a few days before the XKCD Modeling Study. Logged john smith 19 likes this; steveleach. Full Member; Posts: 1254; Liked: 1564; Likes Given: 647; Re: Development of a Martian export economy « Reply #730 on: 06/26/2020 01:33 pm » People regularly pay for mugs that say London (even though it was made in China) so that their friends and. Used in this xkcd strip. The Legend of Zelda contains two areas which constantly repeat: The Lost Woods and the Lost Hills. You can only get out of them by going in the correct directions (typically something like up, left, up, right, up). The Lost Woods have become somewhat of a series staple and appear in subsequent games as well The classic book series Gargantua and Pantagruel, written in the 16th century (first book c. 1532, last book c. 1564), occasionally gives mention of how much time had passed. There is about one specific date in the entire story - an early event is said to have happened in 1420. As it happens, the author did not seem to take much care of the dates, and when one adds it all up, by the time we.

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Explore the Sci-Fi, Primarily Star Wars, 1 collection - the favourite images chosen by TheElevatedDeviant on DeviantArt Folien zu meinem Vortrag von der SharePoint Konferenz 2014 in Müchen

Back in April 2020, we discovered an issue in our GitHub repository opening the discussion about moving our chat and creating a discord server for community discussions.It was obviously a relevant suggestion, but one we couldn't address at the time since we were head down focusing on developing product updates (TheHive 4, TheHive and Cortex with ES7 support) and building a sustainable. Say it with me now: D'AWWWWWWW. That's it for this week! Tune in tomorrow for a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SURPRISE, and next week will be a weird little stand-alone story featuring the much-asked-about Sweet Tits. Time to go frantically wrap presents and pack before our drive down to MD tomorrow. Have a safe holiday everybody

Human anatomy is the study of the shape and form of the human body. The human body has four limbs (two arms and two legs), a head and a neck which connect to the torso. The body's shape is determined by a strong skeleton made of bone and cartilage, surrounded by fat, muscle, connective tissue, organs, and other structures First-class purity. Haskell, PureScript, Eff. 4/5. 3/5. Pure/impure separation enforced by the type system. Effect system built in to the language. Resume presentation. N things Scala should steal from other languages Chris Birchall. N things Scala should steal from other languages Suche Chaträume im Internet Relay Chat und informiere dich über ihre Benutzer und Themen! - Im IRC werden Chaträume üblicherweise Kanäle (engl.Channels) genannt.Suche in den Namen und aktuellen Themen der Kanäle von ungefähr 500 IRC-Netzen nach Chaträumen, deren Themen dich interessieren, und finde Leute, die deine Interessen teilen

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Webcomic xkcd - Wikipedian protester bn.png 500 × 271; 48 KB. Wikijunior bn.svg 167 × 141; 12 KB. Wikipedia Banner Standard Plus bn.svg. Wikiversity-logo-bn.svg 936 × 898; 23 KB. Wp bn title.PNG 213 × 59; 2 KB. Wp bn title2.PNG 246 × 67; 4 KB. Yasomati-nandana (Sri Nama-kirtana).ogg 11 min 41 s; 10.84 MB. এশীয় মাস ২০১৯ ব্রোঞ্জপদক.svg 239 × 27 1,564 Reactions 535. Aug 27, 2020 #10 this is all Skyblock scamming posts in one . PupLord Well-Known Member. PupLord. puppie PUPPIE Member Joined Nov 28, 2019 Messages 740 Reactions 209. Aug 27, 2020 #11 nons be like: OMG I INSTA BOUGHT AND SOLD WHY DID I LOSE MONEY SKAAAAAAM . ColorOfFire Dedicated Member. RedFierce_Gaming. Banned Forumers Guild Master Joined Jul 12, 2020 Messages 4,310.

Emanuele Balboni is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Emanuele Balboni and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Are rules expected to work in combination/hybrid modes? From my testing it doesn't appear as if they do (although they are accepted as arguments and appear in the status as if they are being used). This would seem a very valuable especially for combination mode as more and more people use the xkcd style pass phrases. You can only use the. This release is the new beginning of TheHive's future, because all the upcoming features and enhancements will be based on this version, without the brakes. 4.1.0 is out after a significant work done during the last 6 months, interrupted by multiple events like: supporting ES 7 in TheHive 3 and Cortex. supporting ES 7.11 in TheHive 3 and Cortex


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Jubiläum für das berühmteste Deckengemälde der Welt: Die Erschaffung Adams von Michelangelo (1475-1564) wurde heute vor genau 500 Jahren in der Sixtinischen Kapelle in Rom enthüllt. Das Bild.. Sixtinische Kapelle Bilder - Die preiswertesten Sixtinische Kapelle Bilder unter die Lupe genommen! Wie bewerten es die Betroffene, die Erlebnisse mit Sixtinische Kapelle Bilder gemacht haben? Es. Digitalisierungsprojekte haben einen neuen Zugang zu teils versunkenen Kultur- und Wissensbeständen geschaffen: Man muss sie nur zu finden wissen (Überschrift zum Tantner-Artikel Yellow Dart Networks, Libertyville, Illinois. 64 likes. Data and Disaster recovery for Phones, SD Cards, Desktops, Laptops and Servers Free estimates

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